Friday, January 6, 2012

The 6th dimensional paradigm of self defense: societal violence dynamics

A friend on the TFAF site commented on my blog post regarding the multi dimensional paradigms of self defense, specifically how the premise of the 6th paradigm seem incomplete and vague. Link to the blog post is below:

While I cannot speak for the author (but hope to contact him soon to get further explanation on his thoughts regarding this), I can make some observations based on my own understanding and experience... I think the author is trying to use a sociological model to explain how self defense situations are affected overall by deviance inherent in acts of violence. That is to say, in some instances a threat or violent act might seem justified under a specific set of beliefs held by a majority of people, whereas such beliefs would be untenable to others in a different social or cultural strata, whether the division be religious, racial, gender or ideological bias.

Thoughts, opinions? Feel free to comment!!

From Eric Kondo's The Multi Dimensional Paradigms of Self Defense, the 6th Paradigm

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