Friday, December 23, 2011

Ask questions

This was quoted by Charles James on his blog (lots of good stuff, especially for Isshin ryu students):

"If you want to be a better believer, ask lots of questions. Be curious and don't settle for superficial facts. Look closer, dig deeper, and investigate the source.  Learn how to tell the difference between a personal opinion and actual data, and be open to modifying your beliefs.  Then ask more questions, for questions help to expand your perceptions of the world.  Approach your questioning with enthusiasm for finding truth rather than a desire to denigrate and tear down other people's beliefs.  Most important- keep in mind that we can never know for certain the accuracy of any beliefs, even those we hold most strongly."  - Dr. Andrew Newberg M.D.

This is the basis for personal growth.  Think deeply about it ...

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