Monday, December 5, 2011

Here's to the future...

My sons Patrick (center) and Chris (right), along with their friend Vito and Sifu Michelle Thompson after they passed their gold belt test at the East Coast Academy of Martial Arts. They performed Muay Thai and Jun Fan/JKD punching & kicking sets, Wing Chun pak sao & lop sao, Kali four & six count double stick combos and physical test. Very proud of them, they've had a more rounded exposure at their age than I did at 12!

I am glad to have found a place for my children to get a good martial education and I feel sad for so many parents who wish the best in training for their kids, but are ensnared by the plethora of McDojos out there because they just don't know any better...

Being able to see my kids develop their skills, assist them when they need help with some drill or explain to them why they should keep their wrist aligned while punching... these are things special and dear to me.

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